Monitor Your Indoor Grow’s Electricity Usage

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Monitor Your Indoor Grow’s Electricity Usage

The dreaded bill

We have all been there. You set up your first indoor grow. You got a bunch of big LED, a few fans, and some quality genetics. Everything is going great, and you are on your way to your first crop. Then that little white envelope appears in your post box… your electricity bill. A little broken inside you realise that growing weed ain’t cheap. This is why I monitor my electricity usage, personally I use the Power Meter Electricity Monitor.

What does it do?

It does not reduce your electricity bill, but it will help you to accurately track the exact amount of electricity your grow is using. This means you will be able to record exactly how much you are going to have to pay every month. Another great use is using the power meter electricity monitor to manage the effect of load shedding on your grow. You can use the meter to know exactly how much power you are going to need for your battery, UPS or maybe even your generator.

How does it work?

The set up of the monitor is super easy. You plug the monitor into the wall, and then you plug your grow into he monitor. Your grow will need to be on a mutiplug to be able to measure the various appliances. It will instantly inform you of how many watts the appliances are drawing. The monitor has a battery, and will have a LED display with all the parameters it records. The monitor measures various statistics such as Power(W), Energy (kWh), Voltage, Amps, Power Factor, Cost and Minimum & Maximum Power. A very important thing to note is that the monitor has a maximum draw of 3600W draw, more than this will blow the system.

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