AirDome – AirDome Kit

AirDome – AirDome Kit

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The aAirDome provides the plants with additional oxygen to boost growth significantly and increase yields.

The root zone of your plants is where you get most activity during the day.

  • Increase root structure
  • Healthier plants
  • Can be used to make compost tea
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Aeration on another level.

What is the AirDome?

The AirDome releases air into the root zone by specially designed tubes. The increased oxygen found inside the root zone of your pots.

How to use the AirDome?

Simply place the dome at the bottom of the pot, cover with grow medium and connected to an air pump. The specially designed ‘bubble pipes’ release oxygen that helps boost rootzone function and can increase yields massively.

It is best to use this product with a light and fluffy growing medium, Coco perlite 50/50 or any other light medium like the Freedom Farms Formula 1 or any organically amended coco coir substrate.

Use the AirDome in the daytime when the plants are utilizing the oxygen inside the root zone.

The aAirDome has been shown to significantly boost growth and increase yields when providing the root zone with more oxygen.

The AirDome has been shown to significantly increase plant yields.

The best results are from warm air blown in and around the root zone. Temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees are ideal. Damage to the root zone can be seen when temperatures are below, and above 5 degrees and 30 degrees.

Always keep the pump above the AirDome to reduce the risk of water leaking into your pump.

The use of a timer can be a good idea when using this product.

Multiple AirDomes can be linked together using special connectors, contact us for these options.

Air Dome Instructions(PDF)

Airdome Information Video Autopot

AutoPot Brochure

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