Blumat Dripper 10 Pack with 3mm Feeding Tube

Blumat Dripper 10 Pack with 3mm Feeding Tube

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Blumat Dripper Pack with 10 Drippers and 3mm Feeding Tube

Introducing the future of indoor and outdoor garden irrigation. Blumat irrigation supplies your plants with a very precise amount of water AUTOMATICALLY!

This product contains the following:

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Support Stands to Hold the Drippers (10 Pack) 

Blumat Made Easy

  • Blumat Classic delivers approximately 0.2l of water every 24 hours
  • Blumat is ready for use at any time
  • Easy installation
  • Plants do not need to move to water
  • Can be used in clay granulate
  • Blumat is ideal for watering when you are away
  • Blumat can be used year-round

This is used in conjunction with the tropf systems as per the following image.

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What is Blumat Drippers

With Blumat Drippers, indoor plants get just the amount of water they actually need. Regardless of whether it’s a sunny or shady location. The water is drawn from any container through the included tubing and distributed through the drippers which can be adjusted.

Other Blumat Irrigation Products

We recommend the use of multiple Blumat products as they work hand in hand to achieve the desired goal.

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