Blumat Maxi Tropf 2-Pack

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How does the Blumat Maxi Tropf work?

  • Automatic watering
  • Deeper soil moisture  monitoring

A longer (22cm) version of the Blumat Single Tropf Carrot coming in a two pack. Reaches deeper into the pot to water deeper rooted plants.

Each carrot comes with a T-piece to connect to the standard 8mm Feeding Tube.

Multiple different types of carrots can be connected to one another and connected to dripper distributors.

To use as a system you will need the following:

This is used in conjunction with the tropf systems as per the following image.

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What is Blumat Maxi Tropf?

With Blumat Maxi Tropf, indoor plants get just the amount of water they actually need, deeper into the soil. Regardless of whether it’s a sunny or shady location. The water is drawn from any container through a thin tube and released through a tube at the top of the carrot when the carrot detects the soil is dry.

Other Blumat Irrigation Products

We recommend the use of multiple Blumat products as they work hand in hand to achieve the desired goal.

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