Blumat Mini-Tee 3 Pack

R82.80 Incl

Blumat 3m T Piece Connector 3-Pack

  • 3mm x 3mm x 3mm
  • 3 pack

Allows the creation of more complex and unique irrigation systems that suit your personal grow space and shape.
Can split up the flow of water between Blumat Tropf carrots and allows for multiple carrots to be connected and run off one water reservoir.


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Tropf-Blumat is a game changer for all plants, shrubs and veggies. Made in Austria in 1965 this product is tried and tested. Marijuana SA is proud to introduce the Blumat range to our site.

Tropf-Blumat is an automatic watering system for plants all around the house. From flowering plants to your own vegetables, Tropf-Blumat is a needs-based system – watering only occurs when necessary.

Needs-based & economical With Tropf-Blumat, every single plant is individually watered. That’s good news for the plants and also reduces water consumption. More flowers, more fruits, you will notice the difference.

Convenient Tropf-Blumat reliably takes care of the daily watering for you. You can also go on holiday with an easy mind at any time as Tropf-Blumat works all year round.

Natural watering

The water is released slowly and in doses. Consequently, plants always receive tempered water and healthy and lush growth is the result.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 11 × 2 cm


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