MeacoDry Arete One 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier / Air Purifier

Quiet, Stylish & Energy Efficient!

No need to buy a separate dehumidifier and air purifier, the Arete One comes with both applications!

With a modern, stylish design, easy-touch controls, this is the only dehumidifier you’ll ever need.


  • Two-in-one dehumidifier and air purifier
  • AFSA Seal of Approval
  • Whisper-quiet operation, keeping your home healthy, quietly
  • Medical grade H13 HEPA filter for improved air purification
  • Low Energy and Energy Efficient
  • Removes excess moisture from your home
  • Perfect for preventing mould, condensation and damp areas
  • Ideally suited to flats, apartments, single rooms and smaller properties up to 3 bedrooms
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Moist air from the room is blown along the cooling pipes of the Gree Daisy 40L dehumidifier. The moisture in the cooled air condenses to form water droplets.

These droplets are collected in the 7L reservoir. The Gree sounds a signal when the water reservoir is full and needs to be emptied. It will stop automatically when the water tank is full.

This Highly efficient Dehumidifier is exactly what you need to get your humidity under control. With Mildew being such a big issue during the flower period having control is very much worth the  expense.

Clean your air and take back control with this awesome product.


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