Umya Pot Radix 500g

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Semi-Organic Carbon Integrated Seedling Nutrient

(8:4:15 + TE + Org)

Give your plants the best start to life. Pot Radix helps plants establish and grow healthy roots, laying a solid foundation for the plant’s transition into the vegetative stage.

Perfect for application to seedlings, small plants and rooted clones.

  • Water soluble
  • Stimulates vigorous seedling and clone growth
  • Broad spectrum nutrient, micro and macro nutrients
  • Trace Elements and Organic material present

Proudly South African

This product is locally sourced.

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Semi-organic cannabis grow nutrients are derived from organic sources and then exposed to chemical alchemy that takes years to master. These nutrients are in an active form meaning plants suffering deficiency should bounce back faster, compared to organic nutrients that must be broken down.

UMYA Pot Radix Directions

Add 10g of Pot Radix to 10L of water.
Stir until dissolved.
Applied in the vegetative stage.

Carbon is the basic building blocks of life and the key difference in making all our fertilizers and supplements semi-organic. All our products are locally manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring quality and reliability on every application.


Nutrient kg/ha
N 16
P 8
K 30
Ca 16
S 4
Mg 1
Zn 0.14
Mn 0.12
Cu 0.06
Fe 0.12
Si 1.92
B 0.06
Mo 0.006
Fulvic 1.5
Kelp 1
Glucose 10

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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 20 cm


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