Unwind Vape – 250mg CBD – Disposable Vape

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Disposable CBD Vape Cartridge

Flavor: Strawberries and cream

  • Calming
  • Relaxing

Reduce Stress
Reduce Anxiety

  • Natural Flavours
  • MCT-oil infused base oil

Terpene fanatics? Vape Pen Battery and Vape Pen Cartridge.


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In the United States and other countries where CBD products are legal, disposable CBD vape cartridge’s are becoming extremely popular.

These hand held discreet devices are perfect for those on the move. They are ready to use as is, do not come apart and are not re-fillable.

Great way to fight off anxiety as well as pain and inflammation

Disposable vape pens are a great way to enjoy the wonderful anti-anxiety and pain fighting effects of CBD.

The benefits of CBD as well as the convince of a vape makes this Unwind Vape a soothing and mood-enhancing experience.

The CBD used in this pen is relaxing, and eases the mind.

Suggested usage:

Take two 3-second long drags per dose. 24 puffs or 20mg CBD.

Lasts approximately 12 days with 24 puffs a day.

Vaping is a quick and effective way of intaking the accurate dosage of CBD. The disposable device is discreet and portable, making it the perfect on the go tool for self medication.

Does not contain nicotine or any tobacco derivatives.

Keep device upright when not in use to minimize chances of leaks.



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