The Big 5 in South African Cannabis

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The Big 5 in South African Cannabis

The Cannabis Big 5

Cannabis culture is booming here in South Africa! The Big 5 of the animal kingdom are well known for making South Africa special, so we thought, let us introduce the Big-five in South African cannabis. Love is one of the most powerful feelings those that know cannabis feel, so come share some with us next time you visit.


The stigma that cannabis is a dependence producing substance, capable of delivering a high as intense and addicting as opium, is dissolving.

South Africans can now sit back and relax knowing that a cultural key stone is now legal. Foreign visitors looking to indulge in cannabis culture will be pleased to know that the opening of cannabis private clubs, has allowed the trade of premium cannabis to the private sectors.

Cape Town Cannabis Tours

The cannabis experience of a lifetime. A tour of the Garden Route, the hub of South African cannabis culture, here in the Western Cape. Experience the most beautiful landscapes, tourist attractions and local herb the world has to offer.

A cultural tour of a Rastafarian community draws us into their deep rooted appreciation for cannabis. A trip to a private cannabis social club, where smoking and talking with local growers is encouraged.

The tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the finest of cannabis culture, while keeping everyone safe.

Iconic Strains

Durban Poison Regular

South Africans, feel proud knowing some of the worlds favorite strains originate from these parts. Within the international community, High Times, have dubbed South African genetics as some of the best strains ever smoked.

Durban Poison, the countries most iconic strain, made its debut in America around 1970. Popularity grew and breeders crossed this landrace sativa with the iconic American OG Kush, from this match made in heaven, Girl Scout Cookies was born.

Today the Durban poison and GSC genetics can be found making up hundreds of strains, beautifully boasting the Durban Poisons original mind altering effects.

Medical Benefits

Marijuana and its over 100 chemical compounds, used for generations as a medicine prior to its prohibition, is finally making a return. South Africa’s climate is one of the best in the world for cannabis cultivation. This fact, as well as legislation changes, makes it a prime location for international investors.

Research into understanding how the full spectrum of cannabis chemicals affect us and benefit us medically, will allow the creation of safe and effective treatments for patients. Research into these chemicals is about to boom as universities gear up for another green revolution.

Cultural Significance

Within South Africa and many other cultures, cannabis has inspired the hearts of thousands. Dance, art, singing and story telling, traditions inspired and cherished by those that used cannabis hundreds of years ago.

The prohibition of cannabis came as an unlawful oppression of people from traditional African and Indian backgrounds. Cannabis, prior to European interference, was widely used as a cultural and spiritual tool for generations by these passionate and misunderstood people.

The use of cannabis by these people has never been lost, still inspiring those it fills with joy, passion and love; spreading to the hearts of others daily.


Take a walk on the wild side, experience something you cant anywhere else, and make sure South Africa is on your list of destinations.


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