Top 5 places for cannabis tourism

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Top 5 places for cannabis tourism

You aren’t going to just be flying high

Are you a lover of cannabis looking to travel? We have complied a list of the best places to travel for cannabis tourism!

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the king of cannabis tourism. The idea of walking into the many ‘coffee shops’ littering the streets iconic act in cannabis culture and something any enthusiast has on their bucket list. These shops are like candy shops of cannabis with jars of green lining the walls, with a laid-back and comfortable vibe to enjoy yourself in.

2. Spain

While slightly less know, Spain is a fantastic area for cannabis tourism. It allows you to experience a whole new form of cannabis culture with Spain’s cannabis clubs. Instead of buying actual bud, you pay a ‘membership fee’, allowing access to a relaxed and smokey lounge where you will be able to enjoy the quality of cannabis in a country where cultivation is legal.

3. Colorado, USA

This was the first state in the States to legalize cannabis and allow its sale for recreational use. Since then the industry has become massive, with endless dispensaries’s popping up, selling some of the best weed you can find in the world. Not to mention Colorado is a beautiful state with natural beauty waiting to be appreciated with a joint in hand.

4. Jamaica

Jamaica is the home of the Rastafarian religion and a must-visit location for those wanting to experience a cannabis culture like no other. These are people for which cannabis is a part of their spirituality and they have been preaching love for the plant for decades. Not to mention it is a beautiful country with lush jungles and white beaches.

5. Cape Town

Cape Town is a city with a deeply ingrained love of cannabis. Cannabis has already been decriminalized, with cultivation and use of the plant allowed in private. The country is even set to pass complete legalization of cannabis for recreational use in September of 2020. A city placed on the foot of a mountain and the start of endless beaches it is a perfect place to find a beautiful untouched spot to smoke up.


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