Using a LED for Marijuana during load-shedding

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Using a LED for Marijuana during load-shedding

Comes with the territory

Beautiful, diverse and problematic sum South Africa up pretty well. While we have rolling hills of natural beauty, we also have rolling blackouts. Now using a candle is all good and well for making my way to the kitchen, a candle just will not cut it for my indoor grow. Now I am sure some of you out there have got Uniteruppted Power Systems and generator is so this article is not going to be useful. If you are a starter grower with a small indoor grow then you can get away with a battery-powered LED to stop the damage of load shedding on your plant.

The LED helper

The battery-powered LED light is not going to be on par with your mental Halide or LED but it is going to help your plants through the worst of it. The LED is battery-powered and can last for 7 hours so it is more than enough for the 2h30 mins that load shedding lasts. When the lights go out, or preferably a little before, you can hang two of these LED’s above your plant. They will help ensure the plant is not shocked and lessen the damage to the light cycle. You can just buy one but two would work better. They can be recharged through a solar panel or wall socket

The issue with load-shedding and your indoor grow is your light cycle. It interrupts your light cycle when the power cuts and your lights are meant to be on. This can have very drastic effects on your plant’s growth. It can stunt your growth. Which can result in your plant becoming a hermaphrodite or push your plant into flower. All of these are not good things. Now if you have big grow you are going to need a battery, a generator, or a UPS. If you have one or two plants you can get away with a small battery-powered LED light.


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