What is Acti-Vera from BioBizz

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Acti Vera BioBizz

What is Acti-Vera from BioBizz

What is BioBizz – Acti Vera?

Create a truly harmonious environment for your medicine. Aloe is know to be great for humans, and now we know it is just as great for plants too.


  • Contains beneficial enzymes.
  • Stronger and healthier plants.
  • Boosts immune systems, making plants less prone to disease.
  • Plant metabolism booster and naturally increases nutrient uptake.

Organic growers looking to improve the performance of their living soil will find this product pure Gold. Decaying organic matter reacts with the Aloe Vera enzymes; after which they are converted to useable plant nutrients. A harmonious soil ecosystem boosts plant vigor, vitality and vibrancy.

This product boosts the absorption of nutrients as they become more available. This product is a natural wetting agent and increases the efficiency of foliar feeds.

Healthy plants are naturally resistant to water stress, nutrient imbalances and disease. Powdery mildew is the most common disease as it effects plants with lowered immune systems and poor nutrient absorption.

How to use it?

Apply 2-5ml of Acti-Vera, per plant, with every feeding.
Apply 5ml of Acti-Vera to be used as a foliar feed in each liter of water.
Add 2 drops of Acti-Vera to your germination solution.

Signs of stress come in all shapes and sizes, healthy plants just respond more effectively and will always produce larger yields. Powdery mildew is one of the main diseases to effect a plant with a lowered immune system.

Check out the Acti-Vera product on the BioBizz website.

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