WHEN is it Ready?

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WHEN is it Ready?

When do we harvest?

When is the best time to harvest cannabis? Among growers there are three aspects to generally look to check on their oil production. The leaf colour, pistols and trichomes can be looked at. Harvesting at the right time helps refine the final product.

Andrew discusses three methods to use to find out if your plants are ready for harvest.

Leaf Colour

Yellowing leaves, not best method. Usually indicates nutrients are being flushed and plants are entering the final stages.

Pistol Colour

Brown pistols indicate last stages of flower, much better indicator of readiness. However the most accurate method are the trichomes.


Assuring readiness with the colour of the trichomes requires a form of magnification lens .

Trichomes contain all the cannabinoids and other oils found in cannabis. The colour of your trichomes determines the levels of THC, CBD, and CBN within your flower.

It is up to the grower to decide when looking at these structures the right time to harvest for their desired concentrations of oils.

  • Clear Trichomes – Contain little THC and CBN, these still need time to mature. The high will be short.
  • Cloudy Trichomes – Highest concentration of THC and terpenes. High will be longer lasting
  • Amber Trichomes – THC starts to break down into CBN and offers a more “stoned high”. Best for insomnia patients.

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