Black Mamba – Strain Review

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black mamba

Black Mamba – Strain Review

This one has some bite!

Black Mamba is a hell of a strain. Understandably named after a deadly snake this strain packs some punch coming in at 20% THC with little CBD content. The strains comes from a cross between Black Domina x Blue Bubblejuice.

The first thing you will notice when growing this plant is its leaves. Every grower has bragged about growing a plant with purple leaves and here it is. The buds turn a deep dark, sinister purple with touches of green. While all this is peppered with fiery hairs and white trichomes! This plant really is something to look at.

The taste was super fruity. I got a refreshing taste of grape defined by a clear sweetness that the smoke brought up. While smelling the buds passed on a nice pungent purfumey smell, strong but alluring.

This strong indica comes with all the typical feelings. It gave me a strong relaxing feeling. My friend and i chatted away calmly. It was strong resulting in momentary lapses in my speaking but these usually ended in laughing. This is definitely a night time strain as at the end I was in desperate need of a nap!

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