Types of Seeds

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Types of Seeds

Know what you are getting!

Seeds are expensive but that is for a reason. Far gone are the days of planting a seed at the bottom of the outdoor bag. These days you are buying a seed from a plant bred for its genetics. Your buying a seed that will, with a little care, grow strong and fast. More than that, seeds today have so much engineering behind them. Your now able to buy auto flowers and feminized seeds!

If you want to crop out some buds you are going to need a female plant. In the past you had to plant a seed and wait until it grew a bit to see if it was male or female. Now you can buy feminized seeds which have been bred to eliminate the male chromosomes, meaning you are guaranteed a female plant.

Auto-flowers are really cool! These are seeds that basically flower and finish independently. They are great for new growers as they are relatively easy providing a good high quality yield. Auto flowers change to the flowering stage without needing a change in light cycle. That is great because the grower wont need in depth knowledge of light cycles to grow this seed.

The advancement in seed technology is amazing. These seeds are making growing easier and more approachable. If you want to pick up a seed check them out here!


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