Blumat for watering marijuana

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Blumat Classic

Blumat for watering marijuana

It does it for you!

Over or under-watering your plants? Going away for the weekend leaving your precious plants to dry? Forced to invite a friend over to show him the ropes while your away? We have the answer for you! Use Blumat for watering your marijuana plants.

We have begun stocking some of Blumat’s products. Despite me sounding like a Verimark ad, they really do work. Blumat has been working on their irrigation products for over 50 years, being focused on creating the best irrigation systems possible based on their clay cone technology.

They are super simple to use, you set up the water source, and you push it into the soil. Then the cone will keep the soil perfectly watered and moist all on its own. You do not even need electricity. The way it works is that the clay cone is porous, allowing water through it, but it wont water on its own. When the soil is try it will suck water out of the cone and when the soil is properly wet it will stop. Science!

This is super helpful when you do not water to over-water your plants and want to ensure that the soil is perfectly moist at all times. We even have two types. We have the ‘classic’ in which you just need to place a container of water next to the blumat and place the watering cable into the bottle. You can even heighten the bottle for heavier watering and lower it for less watering. Then we have the ‘easy’ which you screw onto a water bottle and place it into the soil, easy-peasy!

If you want to purchase some of Blumats products check here for the easy and here for the classic.


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