Which Cannabis strain grows best in South Africa

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Which Cannabis strain grows best in South Africa

Cannabis Cultivation
Sativa Cannabis Cultivation. Pre-flowering stage

South Africa has one of the best climates in the world for Agriculture. We have a booming Wine Industry, export Fruit market and an abundance of sunlight and lush cultivation ground where a plethora of farming takes place.

This being said, it is well known that South Africa is one of the best Cannabis / Dagga producers in the world. According to research South Africa is the 3rd largest exporter of cannabis in the world, unfortunately this has been done illegally.

Illegal no more! With the constitutional court ruling that South Africans can consume and cultivate cannabis within private, the time for change is here. We can finally exercise our right to utilise this herb and the climate we have been blessed with. I know you are interested and so are we. But what strain will I have the most success with as a beginner cannabis cultivator.

Slight background of Cannabis Cultivation in South Africa

Cannabis has for generations been cultivated in South Africa and its surrounds. From the Eastern Cape to the Transkei, Mpumalanga, Malawi, Swaziland and Lesotho. Many of these have large rural areas and Cannabis cultivation still forms a backbone industry today to provide for communities where the government neglects to. Many legendary landrace strains originate from these areas such as Swazi Gold, Malawi Gold and Durban Poison (coming soon).

For ages South African smoking culture has centred around local landrace strains and any stoner can speak of a time they have purchased a seedy bag of Swazi or Malawi. However due to our perfect cannabis cultivation climate many foreign strains have also cemented themselves into our culture such as Cheese, Skunk and Kush. Quite often the imported strains are cultivated with more care which results in a less seedy bud and is typically more dense. However they can also tend to be more technical. With the internet, the mass of information and companies like MSA access to a wide variety of strains has never been easier.

(Credit: Daily Maverick)

So what is the best strain to grow outdoors in South Africa

As a beginner grower you do not want to become disheartened by tricky european seeds that may struggle during the seedling stage. So look back at the history and decide from there. Sativa has been local to South Africa for generations. It is an easy grower and is forgiving as it has a long flowering stage and can get through shock caused by beginner mistakes while still giving a decent yield. However one will notice as they become more involved in cannabis cultivation that it is very much to each his own. Some will prefer Sativa, others Indica and a favourite recently are the Autoflowers


Cannabis cultivation is a rewarding and fulfilling hobby that provides results and hopefully a dank smoke at the end. But keep in mind that cannabis is a living plant and it will take practice and research to perfect your crop. Keep an eye on our WTF Blog for more information in the future.

Please remember to stay informed and to stay safe. Know your rights!

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    Awesome article about the different strains. Keen to hear more.

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