Charlotte’s Angel Strain Review

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Charlottes angel cbd

Charlotte’s Angel Strain Review

It will be your friend!

Charlottes Angel is a sativa dominant strain with very little THC. The strain normally contains around 10-16% while the THC is less than 1%. The strain was bred by the Dutch Passion Company and is a cross between Dutch Charlotte and Red Angel.

The strain contains little psychoactive THC so you do not get the traditional head ‘high’. Instead the experience is very calming and relaxing. You get a soothing feeling in your body. It makes you feel positive and happy without feeling euphoric. It is fun and relaxing and really something special and different! The high CBD means this strain is perfect for treating anxiety, pain and even depression.

The taste is very earthy and herbal with nice piney undertones. The cool thing is that you get to smoke a tasty joint with all the flavour of high THC weed but then you can just go about your day without feeling that intoxicating high. The buds themselves have an almost silver look to them, with light greens, purple hues and intense trichomes.

This is a really special strain and something I recommend to a grower to try something new, if you want some seeds you can do so here!


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