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Coronavirus Marijuana SA

Covid Chaos Conversation

“Hey Henny, have you heard of Wuhan China or Corona Virus, or COVID-19?” Well the president of South Africa has now issued some new game play updates for 2020 that promise to bring some brand new game-play mechanics, new customizable face protection, a new consumable and a new way to say “awe”.

The spread of the novel Covid-19 has sparked global concerns as countries everywhere gear up. The World Health Organisation along with the president of South Africa has issued some new game play updates for middle 2020.

March 2020 game play updates:

  • All players will be required to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer, to be used every 5 seconds when outside the house.
  • All players to wear a protective face mask, to prevent direct nose to nose contact.
  • All greetings should be done using the elbow not the hands as in previous updates.
  • Sneezing into a bent elbow is now a life saving tactic, just do not touch the elbow after use.

All joking aside though, with such a fast spreading new disease, countries worldwide prepare for a shutdown of borders and travel, slowing down of imports and exports as well as a three week lock-down period. Isolation or lock-down from others can slow down the spread and allow the countries medical services time to prepare for the waves of infected people. How the lock-down will effect the global economy is still unknown.

We would really like to extend to everyone our support and prayers during this time. We all have a responsibility now to protect ourselves and others. Following the guidelines can save a life, so lets all do our best to stop the spread of Covid-19.



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