Exodus Kush – Strain Review

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Exodus Kush

Exodus Kush – Strain Review

Another stanky strain!

A lot of us South Africans grew up smoking some really dodgy looking ‘outdoor’. Our first venture into the land of quality cannabis came when we were first introduced to ‘indoor’. This weed was usually named Cheese and was on another level . It looked bright, smelled amazing and sent us to another universe. So because of that i review Exodus Kush with a slight bit of nostalgia.

This strain is a cross of Exodus Cheese and OG Kush. This strain really got the best genetics from both its parents. It picked up the dense bud structure of Exodus Cheese and the hard hitting strength of OG Kush. The taste is a beautiful amalgamation of both. You get that pungent cheesy gas flavour from the Cheese yet along with it comes a hint of diesel softened by some light citrus flavours.

This strain is a strong, hard hitting indica. You can tell from the high which gave me a deep, heavy, lethargic feeling. I spent most of my high watching ‘the office’ eating snacks and laughing uncontrollably. It might have been the nostalgia but it really reminded me of smoking my first proper weed.

If you want some Exodus Kush you can pick some up here


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