Girl Scout Cookies- Strain Review

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Girl Scout Cookies- Strain Review

And we ain’t talking about no snacks!

What does a South African land-race and American engineering make? The Californian Gold known as Girl Scout cookies! GSC is a hybrid made from cross-breeding Durban Poison with OG Kush. This resulted in one of the most popular and world renowned strain ever created.

GSC has one won multiple Cannabis cup awards. This is for a reason. The hybrid between sativa and indica results in the perfect blend. Smoking this bud helps you relax with a nice calming sensation however it still has the creativity and talkativeness associated with sativa’s. The only down-side is that many people experience quite heavy dry mouth, so keep a nice glass of water close!

You will find quite a heavy THC content usually ranging from 20%-25%, which is really high. This also means its got some nice health benefits with some using it to treat pain and inflammation. The nice relaxing sensation means its also a nice treatment for stress, because who doesn’t like to puff some cookies after a long day at work.

If grown well the light green buds will take on a beautiful purple hue with orange fiery hairs. When you smoke it has some nice citrus flavours with a hint of earthyness.

This is one of MSA’s personal favourite strains and has a special place in our hearts. if you keen to grow some Girl Scout Cookies check out some seeds here!


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