Growing with a raised grow beds

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raised grow beds

Growing with a raised grow beds

Get your grow onto the next level!

We are about to move into the prime time to grow cannabis outdoors in South Africa. So if you are thinking of growing outdoors, think of using a raised grow bed. Raised grow beds make growing outdoors a breeze.

We just got an amazing product from Plant Matter. That being these raised grow beds. No longer are you going to have to dig and build a raised bed, instead you can get one shipped right to your door! The raised grow beds frame is made grow PVC and then the actual bed is made from breathable fabric.

You do not have a garden, no problem! Plant Matter’s raised grow beds are completely enclosed, acting like a large pot. Meaning you can place the bed anywhere, fill it with soil, and you are good to go! They are also pretty big, offering lots of space for your plants.


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