Guerrilla Glue – Strain Review

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guerrilla glue

Guerrilla Glue – Strain Review

Its sticky and scary

Guerrilla Glue also known as Original Glue is a highly potent hybrid strain. Its a cross between Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel bred by the crazy chemists at GG Strains.

The buds themselves are jaw dropping, with light greens, light oranges and dark purples. They end up looking like candy rather than weed. Yet Guerrilla Glue might be even tastier than candy. The buds smell sweet and fruity with a tinge of earthiness. The taste, however, isn’t too sweet. The buds are rather peppery with touches of pungent diesel.

The high is just brilliant! It is super relaxing, with a nice kick of euphoria. I did end up with a couch lock. But it felt like a fun, stress free adventure all from the comfort of my couch. The strain was super powerful, leaving me feeling the effects for about 3-4 hours. I didn’t mind at all as i gouged on snacks and eventually slipped into sleep.

This strain is said to help with pain, anxiety or stress. I would definitely attest to the stress as i felt really relaxed. I would also recommend this strain for insomnia or lack of appetite as both these were easily solved over my 4 hour adventure.

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