High Powered COB Led Grow Light – Marijuana SA

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High Powered COB Led Grow Light – Marijuana SA

LED are powerful, efficient and reliable but many people believe that Halogens still hold 1st place in terms of raw power and light penetration. That where our COB LED grow lights come in to play!

A COB LED stands for ‘Chip on board’. This means that hundreds of LED lights are on one chip. This means they contain multiple LEDs in a small area as apposed to other LEDs which are much more spread out. The COB provides full spectrum light, similar to the natural light provided by the sun. The spectrum provided by the COB helps the plants grow healthy.

The biggest use for the COB is their light output. They provide incredible output and penetration. The light from a COB easily penetrates the canopy of the plant, meaning you get an incredible yield compared to other LED and even rivaling HID lights!

The best part is that they still are incredibly energy efficient. COBs are still LEDs but they make use of the concentrated LED lights as well as lenses and reflectors to give such a big output of light. Single cobs are also very useful for larger grows, as you can spread out multiple COBs over a large area to ensure even light distribution.

COBs are just another reason why LEDs are the future of indoor growing, so pick yourself up a COB and become part of the LED revolution!



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