How to Smoke with the Relatives

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How to Smoke with the Relatives

It’s the time of the year to be a ninja

The holidays are upon us and for a lot of us, that means a big family Christmas. Despite the fact that smoking a joint every day in the sun sounds like a fantastic holiday to me, our relatives might have another idea. It’s a sad fact that everyone except that one uncle still thinks of weed as a scary drug, and no one wants grandma to think they’re an addict. So here are some tips for some sneaky holiday smoking.

  1. Buy a vape! The tech in vapes is getting amazing from being able to vape oil or even ground up bud. They are a little pricey but who deserves a present more than you (you’ve worked hard), you can even smoke right in front of them if you find the one that conceals the smell.
  2. Visit a friend. After enough Christmas cake, wine, and awkward squabbles the family is going to have to go to bed. Take this opportunity to pop over to a friend who have the gift of a small family. Now you can smoke and relax, having escaped modern purgatory.
  3. Cup a sneaky smoke. A classic move that might bring up the nostalgia of first smoking. You got some options here. You can ‘go pick up some ice’, smoke behind the shed, wait until everyone’s asleep, or go for your first run.
  4. Stop smoking. Yeah this ones a bit dumb but I had to be comprehensive.
  5. My personal favourite is waiting until Christmas day. Whipping out a bong at lunch, hitting a fat bowl and asking Nan if she wants a hit…

However, you decide to smoke during this merry season we wish you Happy Holidays!


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