Marijuana SA Weekly (EP54) How COVID-19 Affects the Cannabis Industry

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP54) How COVID-19 Affects the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry and COVID-19

COVID-19 is taking a massive hit on the global economy, but how is the cannabis industry getting effected? Dean and Andrew focus on how the novel COVID-19 impact the different sectors of the cannabis industry both in South Africa and the rest of the world. Being part of the industry they give us some insight into their own headaches.

Social clubs, relying on foot traffic are under pressure as they close doors. The restriction on global travel and tourism has a huge impact on overseas markets. Rent is very problematic for these businesses as their main income has been removed.

Goods not produced locally, imported from established countries into South Africa has been effected. Goods are not being delivered due to the products not being deemed essential. This is causing massive headaches for business owners that are waiting for their products and cannot provide customers with their well awaited products.

The underground cannabis industry selling in parking lots at KFC, however is still thriving, everyone is looking to enjoy the downtime and relax with some green. Seeing as there is not much else to spend money why not smoke?

As always lots of love to everyone of our supporters and everyone struggling. Thanks for all the support through these times.



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