Marijuana SA Weekly (EP58) – ANOTHER Illegal Cannabis Arrest

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP58) – ANOTHER Illegal Cannabis Arrest

Don’t Get Caught, Unprepared – Know Your Rights

Welcome to Episode 58 of Marijuana SA Weekly. The Show that gives you all the information that you need to stay informed and have a good time doing it. This episode was slightly more sombre. We interviewed Iris, a fellow South African that fell prey to police misconduct.

The cannabis industry within South Africa has gone through some huge changes in the last couple years. One of the most notable changes happened on September 2018. For those that do not know, the constitutional court changed the regulations surrounding personal cannabis use.

September 2018 Regulations Highlights:

  • Cannabis can now be consumed by any adult lawfully.
  • Cannabis can now legally be cultivated by an adult within their own homes.
  • The consumption of cannabis is legal in any private space.
  • A private space is within your right to define.

September 2018 Regulation Drawbacks:

  • Police officers are at their own discretion to determine your use of your cannabis (for sale of personal use).
  • Police officers are at their own discretion to arrest you on suspicion you are selling.

The Field Of Green For All is one of the leading South African Cannabis activist platforms, started by the dagga couple they provide South Africans with cannabis related news and legal advice. If you are a grower of your own cannabis, we advise on printing out these documents from the Field Of Greens website above. Highlight the important sections and keeping them near your grow and your stash. In the event of a police raid you will be able to show off your legal knowledge and protect yourself from an unlawful arrest.

Please as always, like comment and subscribe. We would love to hear any of your stories, if you have been subject to police pressure in the past we would like to hear about it.



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