Power Plant – Strain review

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Power Plant – Strain review

I’ve got the power!

Power Plant is another strain hailing from a South African land race. We got some good strains! It comes from the Dutch Passion Company and hails from a powerful sativa strain. Coming from our beautiful country means that is is quite a hardy plant being able to survive and thrive in most environments. The strain even comes with a recommendation for outdoor grows just because of how successful it is there.

The plant and buds are pungent to say the least. They are woody and earthy, and definitely in need of a good hiding when the rents come over. The taste is pretty unique, i got an almost sandy aftertaste with it mostly having very sharp pepper taste. The buds themselves are a dark green with dark orange hairs.

The plant has quite a high THC content rating anywhere from 15-20%. The smoke was pretty powerful, especially for being a sativa. I was happy, and talkative but very relaxed. It was a little less social than i expected. Definitely a strain for chilling. The strain is said to help with depression and even heavy migraines.

This is an awesome strain and if you are keen to pick up some of the power you can do so here!


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