Boveda Humidity Control Sachet 58%

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Have you suffered by losing your bud to mold? Has your bud lost its color and terpines? Are you simply over worrying about your Bud and want an easy solution to storing it for longer?

Introducing the Boveda Humidity Control Sachet. The best way to keep your dank nugs moist and smelling good without the fuss.


  • Extend the storage time of your bud.
  • Preserve taste and smell
  • Precisely control the curing of you bud.
  • Prevent mould

The Boveda sachets come in different sizes for different quantities of cannabis to store.

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Boveda Humidity Control Sachets are the only way to store your bud. No more worries of the flowers drying out or getting moldy, just pop a Boveda in the jar and you are good to go.

The Boveda sachet is made up of a reverse osmosis membrane to act as a 2-way humidity controller. Meaning if its too humid it will pull in moisture and if its too dry it will push it out. A stable environment means your buds last longer! Boveda Humidity Control Sachets allow for a more scientific way of storing or curing your favourite herb maintaining taste, aroma and colour.

Boveda has a lifespan of around a year or depending on how long it takes to become rigid. If it needs to work extremely hard this will be drastically shortened and will also depend on the environment and how much your container is opened.

With our two different humidity levels you have a choice depending on your climate and the current dryness of the herb. 58% RH in a high humidity climate and 62% RH in a low humidity climate.

This is the 62% Relative Humidity Boveda and should be used in a low humidity climate.

Note: Do not use the 58% and 62% Boveda Humidity Control sachet in one container as they will negate each other.

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