ScroG Training Trellis Netting

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ScroG Training and LST Netting

  • Plant training
  • Increase Marijuana yields
  • Heavy-duty polyester mesh net
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 4.5m
  • 15.24cm Gaps
  • Non-flammable and durable

If you want to crop the marijuana mother lode, you need to get yourself a trellis net.

Low Stress Training for Cannabis

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Trellis Netting Technical Information:

Trellis netting helps to spread out your plants as well as increases yields. Their available growing space increases via Low Stress Training (LST).

The idea is to bend and weave shoots through the gaps in the netting. This techniques allows you to dramatically increase yields as well as keeping plants lower to the ground.

The science is that more shoots equals more places for buds to develop. Plus, a trellis allows you the freedom to manipulate plant growth and alter the pattern to best suit your ganja grow space.

Perfect for tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peas, vining fruits & vegetables, and of course marijuana!


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