Royal Highness – Strain review

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royal highness

Royal Highness – Strain review

Bow down!

Royal Highness is a really interesting strain for one really important reason. It is almost a perfect Thc to CBD mix. It is a combination of Respect and Dancehall genetics. This strain really goes to show the ingenuity of the people at Royal Queen Seeds!

This Sativa dominant strain gives us the best of both worlds. The feeling is unique and exciting. You get an energetic kind of euphoria from the sativa while the CBD gives a nice relaxing, refreshing kind of clearness. It gives you the rush of smoking weed with the chill of smoking CBD. It really is something special!

This strain has great opportunities for medicinal use, as you get the best of both worlds. Royal Higness gives you all the medical benefits of CBD with a nice relaxing high. This strain has been used as an anti-inflammatory and spasm treatment. The taste is almost tropical with a nice fruitiness and a sweet skunkiness. The buds are a soft green with off white hairs and littered with trichomes.

I would recommend this strain to anyone a little overwhelmed by the strength and intensity of most cannabis these days. This strain has a beautiful balance between the intoxication of the high and the relaxation of the CBD.

Pick some up if you want to join in on this royalty here!


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