Setting up your LED lights

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Setting up your LED lights

Some things to think about!

So you’ve decided to ditch the halides and you’re going to set up your grow with some LED lights. Well here are a few things you should consider when you set up and start growing with those LEDs.

  1. You need the right distance: Growing with Metal halides you learn to place your lights a good distance away from the plants just due to the amount of heat they produce. Doing this with your LEDs will result in your plant stretching for the lights. A nice rule of thumb is 30-40cm during veg and a little closer during flowering.
  2. The right LED: A lot of LEDs these days are full spectrum, meaning they can be switched between vegging and flowering; or they can just be used for both. However some LEDs are designed specifically for vegging or flowering. So make sure you get what you want.
  3. Watering the right amount: Halides are hot, and this means that they evaporate a lot of the water leaving the soil dry. This means growers will often over water with LEDs. They produce less heat so you will need to water less. So just check your soil and if its dry water it!

These were just some problems brought up about the switch to LEDs. If you want to make the move you can buy some here!


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