Super Lemon Haze – Strain Review

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Super Lemon Haze – Strain Review

They do move in herds!

You too can feel the excitement of ted as he peered over the rolling hills of Super Lemon Haze in that iconic movie. We here at Marijuana SA are just as excited to start stocking seeds for this amazing strain.

This two time winner at the cannabis cup is a classic strain. Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid between Lemon Skunk and Super Sliver Haze. The buds almost embody the name with light green buds with an almost yellow tinge, orange hairs covering the bud, and coated in kief.

In terms of flavor the name really gives it away. This was one of the first times I truly understood a strains name. It has a sweet zesty flavour with hints of sourness and citrus. This sativa dominant strain lives up with the high being really energetic and hyper. I was chatting along and running around, feeling very social. I definitely did not get any couch lock.

In terms of the health benefits this strain can be used to treat depression and stress, with its uplifting and euphoric feelings. I did experience heavy dry mouth, but that could of been the smoking or the talking!

This was by far one of the best tasting strains i have ever had. If you want to experience its zesty flavors pick up some seeds!


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