The AutoFlower Cannabis seed

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Autoflower Cannabis

The AutoFlower Cannabis seed

It basically does everything for you

The auto flower seed is the current pinnacle of cannabis engineering! What they have cooked up here is nothing short of amazing. We had to do this marvel justice by delving a little deeper into what makes this seed so special.

Auto flowers are strains that have been crossed with cannabis ruderalis. That is a subspecies that flowered independent to the amount of light. This is the main benefit of autoflowers. They move into the flowering stage after a set amount of time, with the amount of light or season being irrelevant.

This means you can harvest sooner as they have a shorter life span. This is usually around 8-10 weeks after germination. That means 10 weeks after planting the seed you will have a beautiful plant full of bud!

Flowering independent of the light they receive means that autoflowers are perfect for perpetual harvests. You do not need a flowering and veg room, you can instead keep all the plants in the same room; even if they are in different stages.

You also do not have to worry about different light cycles, the plant will flower not matter the light. This is perfect for a new grower who will not have to research light cycles. They will flower no matter what you do to them.

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off, especially for you❤️‍????

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