Using a PH meter for Cannabis

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Using a PH meter for Cannabis

pH is the cornerstone of healthy plants

Your pH level is really important for growing cannabis. If you do not have the right balance you can have issues like discolouring and a lack of growth. So one of the most important things a budding grower must do is test their pH. In our MSA video we demonstrate how to use our pH meter.

Cannabis plants like a slightly acidic environment. They grow the best when the pH level is at 6.0 – 7.0. Why is this important? Your plant needs nutrients to be healthy and grow. Cannabis plants only take in nutrients when the pH is between 6.0 and 7.0. Even if the nutrients are there, if the pH is wrong, the plant will lock them out.

So to keep a good pH level you need to be consistently testing the water and nutrient levels. That is where our pH tester comes in. Its unbelievably simple and accurate. All you have to do is insert the meter into the water or nutrients and it will give you a reading. You can see in the video how simple it was to use.

So if your pH is wrong what do you do? Well it is really important to fix this as soon as possible but luckily its super simple. You will need to buy some pH ‘up’ and pH ‘down’ products. So if your pH is high you add ‘down’ and if its low you add ‘up’. Tap water is usually in need of pH ‘down’ as its normally quite alkaline.

So do not wait until you have problems with your pH. Buy a pH tester to ensure your plants are happy and healthy.




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