What’s up with Material Grow Bags?

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What’s up with Material Grow Bags?

The roots of your plant are where, arguably the most important processes are busy processing; this is why we need to take care of them properly.

Dean discusses the Plant Matter material grow bags features; highlighting some of their many benefits. These grow bags really are in a category of their own; pushing them ahead of standard plastic pots with how they take care of your precious plants roots.

Another hot product from the Plant Matter team is their Mycorrhizal fungi or Myco-PlantMatter; lets quickly dive into why this product is so awesome. In a Japanese study done on strawberry plants grow in fabric pots, pots with soil fungi were significantly better than those without, producing larger and more bunched fruits. For a excellent description of how this product works, check out the Plant Matter website. (Plantmatter.co.za)

If you are interested in any of these products, please find them in the Marijuana SA store.


Li YouHong, Sassa, D. ;  Matsubara, Y.,  Koshikawa, K. (2009) Yield in mycorrhizal strawberry plants by elevated bench culture using fabric pots. : Horticultural Research (Japan) 2009 Vol.8 No.2 pp.215-219 ref.19https://www.cabdirect.org/cabdirect/abstract/20093127229


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