White Widow X OG Kush – Strain review

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white widow

White Widow X OG Kush – Strain review

This is nothing short of crazy cross of strains. Both were bred in the 90s and since then have risen to fame. White Widow is a name that every smoker drools and the mouth thinking of, and OG Kush is strain everyone respects.

The first thing that strikes you about this strain is the look. When grow right this cross comes absolutely caked in trichomes. With astounding white hairs that litter a dark green bud structure.The buds themselves have a distinct hebal note but touches of pine, the same could be said about the taste.

White widow is a truly balanced hybrid, mixed with the gold mine of genetics that is OG Kush you get something truly wonderful. You start out with a cerebral rush, giving energy and a burst of bright colours and euphoria. This slides gently into a more calm passive, experience after about an hour. The effect was very relaxing in fact.

The experience was uplifting but not extreme or consuming, so it could be recommended with something like stress or anxiety. I also felt a nice increase in appetite, stemming from those indica roots.

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