Why use a grow tent?

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Why use a grow tent?

Its all there!

If you are looking to buy a grow tent that means you have made an excellent decision! You are going to grow your own weed. While grow tents are definitely not essential for growing cannabis. It is a weed after all. Grow tents are an amazing tool to help you get the best out of your grow

They are great for beginners for one reason, control! You have an amazing level of control over a grow tent along with how easy it is to set up. Normally you need to set up light fixtures, and places to put up fans etc. With a tent this is all done for you. You are basically buying a perfect grow room

The tent is completely closed meaning it is protected from pest and diseases, as long as you take some precaution. It is 100% light proof meaning it is easier to hide and it is very light efficient with all the sides being reflective. You also do not have to worry about smell as the tents block all that beautiful stank making tents very discrete! One of the best aspects are the multiple chambers, meaning you can be flowering and ‘veging’!

You do not NEED a grow tent to have a successful grow but it does make it a lot easier! Pick one up here!


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