World War 3 – Strain Review

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World War 3 – Strain Review

Not as hectic as it sounds

So today we are looking at World War 3. This strain is explosive! Mostly in flavour and intensity and less in the sense of the world actually going to war (luckily). The breeder’s evocative naming of World War 3 was about the coming together of two powerful and alluring strains, Trump’s Cookie Jar and Gorilla Kim with the backdrop of Rocket Man. Together these strains create the strain which President Seeds thought deserved the name the title of World War 3. Clearly they were doing something right as the strain won the Zootly Cannabis Cup in 2020.

What do we have?

The strain is about a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. With a mix like this, I prefer having a nice evening smoke or lazy Sunday chill. The Indica gives you that nice calming and lethargic sensation while the splash of Sativa ensures you get a little drop of energy and do no get too much of a couch-lock. In terms of flavours, I get a nice touch of fruitiness. It has a touch of sweetness that makes me think of biting into a juicy piece of fruit. The smell is nice and earthy. Rolling the bud in your hand smells like a forest after a fresh rain.

The logistics

The seeds are feminized. This is great as you do not have to worry about those pesky males messing up your whole grow. The plant can be grown outdoors or indoors. In the right conditions, the plant should give large yields and grow to about 1m tall. The plant can yield after as short as 11 weeks depending on the specific conditions of the grow.


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