You’re making edibles wrong!

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You’re making edibles wrong!

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You haven’t been decarboxylating. Okay, so that’s an unnecessarily big word for heating. Basically we all know you can’t eat raw cannabis you’ve got to heat it up for it to release the chemicals that make us stoned! Well duh right! Well this becomes slightly more useful information when you think about making edibles.

Its happened to the majority of us. You do the whole making butter thing. You make some brownies, you eat them and then… nothing but disappointment. Well that’s because the process of making the butter only partially decarboxylates the cannabis. Meaning you only extracted a fraction of the THC to a state that we can digest. So next time you’re making brownies try our method.

All you need is an oven which you need to heat to 115°C. You then need to grind up your cannabis so that you can lay it evenly over a baking tray. Line the baking tray with parchment paper. Pour the cannabis over the paper and spread it out evenly. ‘Cook’ the cannabis for 45 minutes. Voila!

Okay i know this sounds crazy but you can look it up to have people a lot smarter than me explain it. Just try it and you’ll experience your brownies taking you to another universe.


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