Growing Cannabis in 2020

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Growing Cannabis in 2020

Cannabis Growing 2020

From grow lights and seeds to grow tents, the Marijuana SA website is a veritable hub of products and information geared to help you grow! We specialize in high end products for all growing needs as well as all the information you could need to grow and be safe.

How Legal is Growing Cannabis in South Africa?

Since 2018 already, adult South Africans are privileged enough to be allowed to grow cannabis in their private spaces. This is all thanks to passionate cannabis activists working hard behind the scenes.

Any adult, 18 years or older, in South Africa is allowed to have within their private possession up to 600g of dried, cured cannabis flower that they grew themselves. Traveling with cannabis is also allowed as long as the amount is not over 60g and is for personal use.


Growing cannabis for personal consumption or processing said cannabis in your own home is 100% legal.

Whatever your grow style, whether it’s a professional, high-grade indoor setup or a window box outside your bedroom with the same soil in it since 2010. We all can now pop our favorite beans and let cannabis do what it does best, make us happy!

Paying special attention to keeping record of your grow and keeping documents regarding the legality and the politics close at hand, learning it is not a bad idea and the Marijuana WTF page on their website has articles regarding these laws.

How Can We Help You?

The Marijuana SA website, as well as the YouTube account contain a wealth of knowledge from our two budding enthusiasts. Dean and Andrew have taken it upon themselves to create great content geared towards educating and informing anyone interested in cannabis.

Offering grow knowledge from their personal experiences as well as covering legal topics, the team is willing and prepared to grow with anyone in the industry.

If you enjoy this kind of content please check out and support the YouTube channel HERE. The grow shop is also up and running and stocking seeds, grow lights, pipes, grow tents and much much more, check that out HERE



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