Using a PH meter for Cannabis

pH is the cornerstone of healthy plants

Your pH level is really important for growing cannabis. If you do not have the right balance you can have issues like discolouring and a lack of growth. So one of the most important things a budding grower must do is test their pH. In our MSA video we demonstrate how to use our pH meter.

Cannabis plants like a slightly acidic environment. They grow the best when the pH level is at 6.0 – 7.0. Why is this important? Your plant needs nutrients to be healthy and grow. Cannabis plants only take in nutrients when the pH is between 6.0 and 7.0. Even if the nutrients are there, if the pH is wrong, the plant will lock them out.

So to keep a good pH level you need to be consistently testing the water and nutrient levels. That is where our pH tester comes in. Its unbelievably simple and accurate. All you have to do is insert the meter into the water or nutrients and it will give you a reading. You can see in the video how simple it was to use.

So if your pH is wrong what do you do? Well it is really important to fix this as soon as possible but luckily its super simple. You will need to buy some pH ‘up’ and pH ‘down’ products. So if your pH is high you add ‘down’ and if its low you add ‘up’. Tap water is usually in need of pH ‘down’ as its normally quite alkaline.

So do not wait until you have problems with your pH. Buy a pH tester to ensure your plants are happy and healthy.



Setting up a Cannabis grow timer – Marijuana SA


This video is to set up the Major Tech MTD 7 timer.

Available here:

You can follow the instructions and set up as you like. We prefer using this timer because of the digital interface and the 3500w switch capacity.

Benefits of this timer:
Saves your time. It is not always possible to get to your lights at exactly the right time every day.
Preserves the lifespan of your lights. Forgetting to turn off, or leaving your lights on passed the manufacturers guidelines can be costly.
Increased Yield. Noting better than an increased yield.

Always make sure that you using a timer that can handle all of your grow lights, fans, and accessories.

Growing Cannabis in Winter

growing cannabis in winter

As the cold season approaches and we start to prep for the cold in some areas around South Africa. ZaOg thought it would be a good time for us to reflect over what a budding grower can do to carry on cropping during the months of the winter blues. A short write-up on growing Cannabis in Winter.

Wont the cold kill my plants

As the temperatures are set to drop around Cape Town I was always under the impression that I would be unable to grow again till September. While the conditions aren’t nearly as prime there is still a way to crop a few sneaky buds. While researching for the Autoflowers Explained blog post what I found most interesting was the information regarding the Ruderalis genetic being found in cold climates such as Russia. Extra cold tolerance and not being dependent on photo-period are two factors contributing to the autoflower being able to succeed near year round.

Short days and long nights

This is a factor to consider when growing outdoors. Regular seeds would go straight into flower while the Autoflower would only flower when mature. Keep your plants from getting too wet, bring them in if you can on super cold nights and remember the high humidity can cause mold. If you aerate enough this shouldnt be a probelm and you can look forward to an excellent growing season during winter.

Enter Autoflowers

Bred from Ruderalis a genetic native to areas with cold climates the Autoflower is far more cold resistant than its other counterparts. Also because it doesn’t rely on photo period it will reach maturity before it sets into flower.

MSA has stocked up on all of it’s Autoflower seeds in anticipation for the winter season.

What can I do to improve my outdoor grow in winter?

Greenhouses are an excellent way to maintain a warmer environment during the cold winter months. MSA has just sourced some excellent grow houses suited to Autoflowers and regulars and will be adding it onto the site soon. Indoor growing is also always an option, but we will go more into that in further posts. Check out our grow section so long for some ideas.


Dont let the cold and wet ruin your vibe. Grow indoors or make a plan outside. We are blessed with an excellent climate in South Africa and need to make the most of our newly aquired freedom to grow our favourite herb Mary Jane

Till next time

Where to Buy Good Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

Photo Credit Leafly

Where to go for Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

So you have decided to start growing some weed, so that you can relish in the delight of one day smoking your own, organic, from the earth, proudly South Africa Marijuana. Well read this.

Before we dive in, you may be wondering why you need a good seed. Well the answer is simple, weed is complicated, and the genetics will either leave you with some township jut or some premo-amsterdam kush.
Personally, I wouldn’t bother growing without getting a good seed first.

In South Africa there are numerous seeds suppliers that have popped up lately. However, you should do your research before make a purchase.

If you are looking for a supplier have a look at our stock under Marijuana Seeds. However we know that there are thousands of different strains and breeders out there so we cant help you with everything you need. Not to mention the stock fluctuations in the business.

From being in the industry there are a couple of suppliers and breeders that we have identified.

Suppliers of Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

Here is a list of reputable seed suppliers in South Africa

This list is growing quickly. We are adding in suppliers as we get to know them and their service levels.

Cannabis Breeders in South Africa

This list is small, but we are searching far and wide for reliable suppliers, if you are a breeder and you are reading this, let us know here.

Helderberg Genetics

Check these guys out for cannabis seeds.

If in doubt Marijuana SA

All our seeds are imported and held under strict quarantine standards to ensure that you have the best bud on the market.

Autoflower Cannabis Explained

Autoflower Cannabis

As you have already noticed MSA hosts a good variety of Autoflower seeds. With our next shipment arriving early next week all of your favourite autos will be back in stock soon. We thought this was a good opportunity to take some time and talk about what exactly Autoflower Cannabis seeds are and where they come from.

Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis

Cannabis can be traced all around the world resulting in genetic differences. Everyone knows of a Sativa and and Indica however there is a third less common strain out there known as C. Ruderalis and she is the one that makes all our autos possible. Ruderalis originates from Asia, Eastern Europe and specifically Russia. Due to the more harsh conditions and varying light periods the Ruderalis has evolved to rely on maturity rather than light cycle. This allows for the Cannabis to flower basically under any conditions.

By breeding stronger Indica or Sativa with Ruderalis one gets a plant that goes from seed to flower in around 10 weeks while still producing a powerful bud. Its short life and smaller size makes it perfect for beginner growers who are still testing the waters and are not quite sure what setup they need yet. As well as more experienced growers who maybe have some space in their grow room they need filled. Because the light cycle doesn’t matter you can flower out your autos in your veg room and have something to smoke while you wait.

Characteristics of Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is a shorter plant compared to is Cannabis Sativa and Indica counterparts. Typically growing to around 50 – 60cm it has a rugged growth pattern and shape. The buds are spread out and are typically quite dense and supported by thick stems.

What really makes the Ruderalis so valuable is the flowering cycle. Instead of relying on photoperiod it relies on maturity. This allowed for the modern day Ruderalis hybrids that generally start flowering 21 – 30 days after the seed has been planted.

MSA Most Popular Autoflower

Black Mamba Autoflowering h

Type: Autoflowering feminized.
Genetics: Tangie Dream x Skunk x Rudelaris.

THC level: 17-23%
CBD level: 0.05-0.10%
Harvest time from germination: 75-80 days.

These seeds emerge from the successful crossbred between one Tangie Dream selected clone and one new Skunk generation clone, to end up crossing them with a Rudelaris genotype, in order to obtain its autoflowering gene expression.

Black Mamba Autoflowering from MSA is a mid-sized plant although this does not prevent it from having a high productivity, its buds have an earthy aroma and a characteristic Skunk-like flavor. Aromatic nuances of very little sweet skunky plant.

MSA Fan recent Autoflower Harvest (Kali Mist and Power Plant)

The Kali Mist and Amnesia Lemon are going fast so head over and make a purchase now.

The Journey of Starting a Cannabis Business in South Africa

On Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 10h00 the Constitutional Court handed down judgment in this application for the confirmation of an order of constitutional invalidity made by the High Court of South Africa, Western Cape Division, Cape Town (High Court) which declared legislation criminalizing the use, possession, purchase and cultivation of cannabis unconstitutional.

And so the business began… well not really.

Marijuana SA was founded early in 2015. In a haze fulled room, and among friends, the realization hit. Cannabis would be legal soon. On this epiphany the planning and development began. In a slightly hasty decision almost every cannabis domain name, that was still available, was snapped up. There were a lot of good domain names back then, but now, there are almost none left. Shortly after snapping up a basic looking, horrific in retrospect, website was up. Unfortunately, that’s where it stayed. For a while.

Around a year later the news and media was pushing this narrative that cannabis would “potentially be legal” or “something is happening here”. Just like that Marijuana SA was back in development, this time with a better plan. The site was to be completely redone. Created into a online store, where one day every stoner could procure their carefully curated bud. The site went up and development was slow, but it was looking way sexier than before.

Shit, the sites up but I have nothing to sell.

The site was looking good. But very bare, and it was hard to picture the complete system without some products. On the last dime, a local curiosity hut and head shop was poached for 1 of each sort of interesting product. Baring in mind the budget at this point was about R500.

Back at home, with a cell phone, some lamps from around the house, a mirror, a steady hand and a very irratated girlfriend. These Rizal’s were photographed like they were playboy bunny’s on a photo shoot. Everything was uploaded to the site. Qwerky, and slightly obscene descriptions were loaded for every single one. Finally the site, looked good. But damn. No Sales.

The troubles kicked in.

Before Marijuana SA even began getting of the ground, Facebook decided to kick where it hurts. All those photos and efforts on the page were gone. They kicked Marijuana SA off. For apparently promoting pharmaceuticals. Lol. They would do that wouldn’t they.

Next to join the ring was, PayFast, they also got wind of this scrupulous domain name in their system. And, in the most polite way, told Marijuana SA to get fucked.

There after came a rejection from pretty much every other payment portal available. Snapscan, zapper, paypal, and on.

Furthering these technical troubles there were also issues with the pigs…

Getting Raided at 00:30

One night after getting ready for bed. The peace was disrupted by a harsh banging noise, with much reluctance we had a look to see who was there. There were 8 police officers, with guns ready to kick the door down. They screamed and shouted to open the door. They we allowed in. NEVER DO THIS WITHOUT A WARRANT. But being young and naive they got in.

The police went a did a entire search of the apartment, all our bedrooms, photographed the plants and ask every possible question.

The business began to look up

From there on, we had fewer and fewer troubles we found a payment gateway, got 2 shipments of seeds and grow lights and the sales kicked off. The business is very rewarding ganja smokers are extremely fun clients to deal with and there are always hundreds of insane stories.

If you are thinking about starting a business in the cannabis industry, think carefully about it. Understand what you are doing and preferably do it with some experience behind you. If you need help. Reach out to Marijuana SA and we will be happy to help where possible.

Which Cannabis strain grows best in South Africa

Cannabis Cultivation
Sativa Cannabis Cultivation. Pre-flowering stage

South Africa has one of the best climates in the world for Agriculture. We have a booming Wine Industry, export Fruit market and an abundance of sunlight and lush cultivation ground where a plethora of farming takes place.

This being said, it is well known that South Africa is one of the best Cannabis / Dagga producers in the world. According to research South Africa is the 3rd largest exporter of cannabis in the world, unfortunately this has been done illegally.

Illegal no more! With the constitutional court ruling that South Africans can consume and cultivate cannabis within private, the time for change is here. We can finally exercise our right to utilise this herb and the climate we have been blessed with. I know you are interested and so are we. But what strain will I have the most success with as a beginner cannabis cultivator.

Slight background of Cannabis Cultivation in South Africa

Cannabis has for generations been cultivated in South Africa and its surrounds. From the Eastern Cape to the Transkei, Mpumalanga, Malawi, Swaziland and Lesotho. Many of these have large rural areas and Cannabis cultivation still forms a backbone industry today to provide for communities where the government neglects to. Many legendary landrace strains originate from these areas such as Swazi Gold, Malawi Gold and Durban Poison (coming soon).

For ages South African smoking culture has centred around local landrace strains and any stoner can speak of a time they have purchased a seedy bag of Swazi or Malawi. However due to our perfect cannabis cultivation climate many foreign strains have also cemented themselves into our culture such as Cheese, Skunk and Kush. Quite often the imported strains are cultivated with more care which results in a less seedy bud and is typically more dense. However they can also tend to be more technical. With the internet, the mass of information and companies like MSA access to a wide variety of strains has never been easier.

(Credit: Daily Maverick)

So what is the best strain to grow outdoors in South Africa

As a beginner grower you do not want to become disheartened by tricky european seeds that may struggle during the seedling stage. So look back at the history and decide from there. Sativa has been local to South Africa for generations. It is an easy grower and is forgiving as it has a long flowering stage and can get through shock caused by beginner mistakes while still giving a decent yield. However one will notice as they become more involved in cannabis cultivation that it is very much to each his own. Some will prefer Sativa, others Indica and a favourite recently are the Autoflowers


Cannabis cultivation is a rewarding and fulfilling hobby that provides results and hopefully a dank smoke at the end. But keep in mind that cannabis is a living plant and it will take practice and research to perfect your crop. Keep an eye on our WTF Blog for more information in the future.

Please remember to stay informed and to stay safe. Know your rights!

Till next time

Be careful growing cannabis in South Africa

Though the recent legislation of cannabis has sent everyone into a frenzy of excitement you should still be fully aware of what you are doing.

Growing is legal, but dealing is not.

By all means grow grow grow. However you need to be aware that if the operation catches the attention of the popo they may want to pay you an unexpected visit. As they did in our case. On a Monday night in January 2019, close to midnight, we were awoken by 8 cops banging on the door to be let in. They had spotted our lights shining through the window of our apartment. Though I let them in and they all gawked at our plants there was nothing they could do because; A) there are a few of us living here and that justified the quantity of plants and B) we didn’t have any other illegal substances on site.

A scary experience, and I hope that you also make sure that you try to keep it on the low down just in case they decide to surprise you.

Keep safe and happy growing.

Peace & Love